VXDIAG GM Update Holden Commodore (VF) Radio via Techline

the vxdiagshop is back up with newer software

I am using microsoft edge browser on both windows 7 32 bit and windows 10 64 bit

Just wanted to say thanks this info helped me heaps,
The info lead to some reading, but this helped heaps leading the way for me, thanks heaps man

I am driving a Holden CommodoreVF Calais V V8 Wagon. I installed the Techline Connect on my pc for a VXDIAG VCX Nano GM setup to my laptop, updated Java, stopped antivirus/defender/vpn etc and managed to update my VF Calais Mylink no problem.
I like my vxdiag. The radio update I treated as an intro for me, so I could familiarise myself with the software and ensure glitches etc were sorted.

I intend on going in further with the software via Diagnostics to query my FCPM & associated equipment, recently had some weird MIL coming and going, I suspect just canbus connection issues, as recently the issue has disappeared since I unplugged and inspected the FCPM connection, but I suspect maybe a fuel pump or FCPM replacement coming.


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