VXDIAG Volvo or Mongoose Cable for Vdash Software

Here comes the user review on vxdiag and Volvo Vdash software.


I got both vxdiag and cheap mongoose cable.
vxdiag: it worked really well with Vdash on win10 64bit and Vida 2014d.
mongoose clone: only works with VIDA 2014d (tested on virtual machine win 7 32 bits). When connects drewtech mongoose pro JLR cable with vdash, stays forever on the “j2534 not connected.

I use vxdiag vcx se pro which works good with vdash (slowly) on V60 2014.

The craking CEM pin number take too much time. 26H=9.5%. But it worked. If need a faster calculation, you might need a ENET cable.

No need for the expensive Dice unit like before. The software is free on D5T5.com.

Need to install Passthru driver in VX manager. Select interface as VXDIAG-J2534.
I was able to diagnose trouble codes on another 2018 S90. However, adding more features like navigation, video in motion, etc.. will require decoding the pins of the CEM and ECM (require VDash Pro dealer).

Vxdiag Volvo Vdash 1 Vxdiag Volvo Vdash 2 Vxdiag Volvo Vdash 3 Vxdiag Volvo Vdash 4



Check how to decode Volvo CEM PIN with VXDIAG VCX NANO and VDASH