Mazda PCM Reflash Success with VXDIAG VCX NANO J2534

My check engine light was on, and my code reader said the likely solution was to update the PCM. I found the reflashing¬†mdars software on Mazda’s website for $50 for a 72 hour subscription but needed a pass thru device.

I got the vxdiag vcx nano Ford/Mazda 1 in 1 J2534 passthru interface here

The device works as Pass thru, just take your time installing it.

This wasn’t exactly easy to use. The software it runs wouldn’t work until I corrected a .dll file name that was different from what the .exe was trying to run. The software would not install the included Mazda IDS (which is OK because that isn’t why I got this). It had several errors connecting the device and having the software read it. However, after some patience and plugging and replugging, the Mazda software did recognize it and it worked! Updated PCM with Mazda Flashing software and it fixed my check engine light. Saved me a bunch of money/ or a trip to the dealer.

Based on previous reviews, I made sure to install an antivirus(Kaspersky) and it didn’t detect anything off with this program.

Good luck! Not the most user friendly thing, but it saved me a ton of money and time.