VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Another Newbie Review in May 2020

The other reviews claiming this tool doesn’t do what its supposed to is due to them not understanding how to use it.

I have a pretty powerful automotive scanner that is bi-directional but I needed to be able to download AC Delco software to program a brand new BCM that came blank.

It comes with pre-loaded GM software that you would otherwise have to pay for from AC Delco, but that wasn’t what I needed, although it’s nice to have. I needed the J2534 pass-thru protocol (GM Calls it an MDI). My only complaint is initially the AC Delco automated programming software you purchase from the site wouldn’t recognize the MDI tool. After updating the drivers from VXDIAG, upgrading the firmware on the actual hardware, and ALSO loading the drivers that AC Delco recommends, the tool finally showed up through the MDI selection process.


You also need to have the VXDIAG software running in the background that recognizes the tool is connected before loading the GM software. Once that was all set up, the pass thru worked great, the programming process was simple and intuitive, and I was able to get the BCM programmed without an issue.

It wasn’t a simple plug and play like some would probably like, but it’s also only $105 for this tool (I got the WiFi version), unlike the Bosch MDI that is exponentially more expensive.

I will be purchasing more of the VXDIAG tools for other manufacturers now knowing their hardware is effective and reasonably priced.