VXDIAG BMW ISTA-P Auto and Manual Search Problem Solution

Recent some users reported that they had problem using vxdiag full or vxdiag vcx se BMW ista-p software.


Problem 1:

Run ISTA-P software, it prompts to “Automatic search” or “Manual search” , but no matter select what option, it stuck and not move on.  How to solve it?

Vxdiag Manual Auto Selection 1

Vxdiag Manual Auto Selection 2

Possible reason:

ISTA Version is too old. There is no ISTA-P Fix file on desktop.




Get the VXDIAG BMW ISTA software updated.

Both vxdiag full and vcx se BMW software come in HDD format. You can either send back old HDD or buy a new HDD to update.




Problem 2: 

When ISTA-P asks manual or auto search, i chose automatic search but got error ISTA-P not found.

Vxdiag Bmw Ista Fix 1Vxdiag Bmw Ista Fix 2


Run ISTA FIx program on the desktop.

If run ISTA FIX program and had this issue, open task management, and exit all task processing.
Then run ISTA FIX again.

Vxdiag Bmw Ista Fix 3