Can I use PCM Hammer Software with VXDIAG VCX NANO GM?

Q: I have the vxdiag vcx nano gm with windows 10. I have used it with gds2, tech2win, sps, and forscan without any problems.  Since forscan works with the nano,  I wonder is it possible to use PCM Hammer with vcx nano?



What is PCM Hammer software?

PCM Hammer allows you to read and write the firmware on the P01 and P59 powertrain control modules that were used in various General Motors vehicles from roughly 1999-2007. Please be aware that while this app contains support for J2534 devices, some J2534 devices do not work with Windows Store apps.


Customers’ working experience:

1). The GM/Opel VCX Nano is used by many without issue.

2) I use PCM Hammer with my VXDiag VCX Nano device via USB cable. Works great and is easily twice as fast as my MX device by Bluetooth.

3). Vx Nano (if it works with SPS) will take about 5 minutes to read a 512K and around 9 minutes on the 1mb pcm with the Pc version of the program (Pcm Hammer).

4). Writing to the PCM was successful. I was able to clone a PCM in under 2 minutes.

You need to install VX Manager (recommend download the latest Version) and during the installation, check the box to install the J2534 driver with it. After it’s installed it will work. You do not need to have VX Manager open when using PCM Hammer.

Don’t bother with the cd that comes with it. Get the software from

Pcm Hammer Vxdiag 1
Pcm Hammer Vxdiag 2
Pcm Hammer Vxdiag 3

Any software that uses the Nano would load the vcx.dll.  vcx.dll belongs to the Nano, it is the Nano’s public J2534 API (Application Programmers Interface).

The DLL in that folder is the ‘heart’ of the communication to the scantool for J2534. The VX Manager directly communicates to the scan tool, which is why that dll does not matter for it, but all other softwares that use j2534 will need that file there.

If you open pcm hammer it immediately says the error 126 when load vcx.dll after choosing vxdiag j2534 device, VX Nano does drop an API DLL in the system32 folder, make sure to disable the antivirus program, because some antivirus will delete this which prevents the program from running. Also microsoft app store installation prevented the program from functioning properly.

If you see an error message about LoadLibrary ErrorCode 126, you’ve got a J2534 device that doesn’t work with the Windows Store. In that case, please install PCM Logger from the .zip file at

Pcm Hammer Vxdiag 4