In the previous post, we claims the PCM Hammer software is used with vxdiag vcx nano gm interface by many without issue.  Here is the solution to a common update error problem.




I’ve installed PCM Hammer on a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate and I’ve plugged in the VXDIAG VCX Nano to the USB port and Windows reported that the device driver was installed.

I download vx manager and selected J2534 pass through.

When I bring up VX Manager in device settings it tells me that I need to update the license.

I also get the same message Update license when I launch PCM Hammer.

I tried the Update License ICON – but I get UPDATE FAILED: Error 0. Try Again. Any ideas?



Solution & Feedback:

For anyone else who has this issue, here is how I resolved my problem.

After following the instructions above, VX Manager kept giving an error message that the license needed to be updated. To update the license it seems that the firmware had to be updated first.

In VX Manager – Device Tab

– Select Update Firmware.

When the update was finished, the program tried to update the license and failed.

I then selected – Update License.

The license was successfully updated.

So far I have been able to read a 1MB PCM, read time was 5 minutes.

Further Update.

Writing to the PCM was successful. I was able to clone a PCM in under 2 minutes.