VXDIAG VCX SE BMW BENZ VW 3-in-1 Vs Tablet Diagnostics on the Market

What is VXDIAG VCX SE BMW BENZ VW 3-in-1? As the title suggested, it can work with Mercedes Benz 2005-2020, BMW 2004-2020 & VW 2001-2020 and access to all systems to perform Diagnosis, Programming and Coding.

It features in:

  • Come with Type-C USB connection and runs Faster;
  • Obtain Donet remote authorization license for free up to 2021-04-30 and Donet license can be use lifetime to work with following car models:

(Doip)BMW (Doip) Benz(Doip)
Toyota (TIS Techstream) Honda(HDS)
Land Rover JLR (Doip) Jaguar JLR (Doip) Ford (IDS)
Mazda(IDS), GM (Chevrolet , Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Holden, Opel, Vauxhall, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab Saturn)
VAG (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini),Subaru, Volvo

  • Add more car models as you will including GM, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, LandRover, Jaguar, Subaru, Volvo etc.

Vcx Se Benz Bmw Audi 01

Vcx Se Benz Bmw Audi 02


  1. Communication: Wifi connection, USB connection and network connection.


  1. Both firmware and DOIP firmware can be upgraded.


VXDIAG VCX SE 3-in-1 wins Other Similar Tablet Diagnostic Tools in the following aspects:

Vcx Se Benz Bmw Audi 03


  1. Engineering System Functions:

-AUX engineering software authorization, Bluetooth activation

-Original switch valve modification

-Stopwatch color replacement

-LED headlights activation

-Upgrade PCM module from low configuration to high configuration

-Original reversing image installation

-Used car parts replacement

-Used PCM module replacement

-Airbag Crash Data Reset

-Instrument horsepower and torque display

-Online programming and firmware upgrade, manual programming, automatic programming, irregular programming

-Long-term sports performance, tire pressure TPM system retrofit, panoramic camera modification


  1. Engineers functions:

-Power system update for some models

-PSE retrofit, paddle shifter modification

-Ejection function activation

-Start function close/open

-Airbag ECU unlock and airbag crash data reset

-Used parts replacement, coding parameter reset

-Sports performance graph display, shift graph display

-Computer programming, coding parameter writing directly

-Active cruise control modification

-Check engine light on reset / seat belt warning light reset

-Old airbag ECU Unlock directly no need to replace with a new airbag

-The coding interface options: irregular coding, regular coding, manual coding, automatic coding, etc.


Final part is about VXDIAG VCX SE BMW BENZ VW 3-in-1 Car List:

For Mercedes Benz 2005-2020 Car List:
A class: 168, 169, 176
B class: 242, 245, 246
C class: 190.201,202,203,204.205
E class: 110,114/115 ,123, 124, 207, 210, 211, 212, 213
S class: 108/109, 111/112 ,116, 126, 140, 217, 220, 221, 222
SL: 107, 129, 230, 231
SLS: 197

SLK: 170, 171, 172                      SLR: 199
SLC: 172, 197                          CLA: 117
AMG GT: 194                              CL: 140, 216, 215
CLS: 218, 219                          CLK: 207 (E-COUPE), 208, 209
CLC: 203                                   R: 251

ML (SUV) 164, 163             GL (SUV) 164, 166
G (Jeep) 463, 461, 460     GLK (Jeep): X204
GLE: 292                                   GLC: 253
GLK: 201                                   GLA: 156
M/GLE: 166                               GLS: 166
SMART:451, 450                    MAYBACH: 240
V class: 639, 638                      SPRINTER: 903

The new Mercedes Benz vehicles with DoIP protocol (W222,W205,W206,W223——) require the DoIp device to diagnose and program, Mercedes Benz VCX SE DOIP is the good choice.

For BMW 2004-2020 car list:
1. Supports BMW All Series Diagnose and Programming
2. Supports Vehicles including for BMW Cars, for Rolls-Royce, for Mini Cooper

For VW Series 2001-2020 Car list:
Supported Car Models: VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT


Alright, if you are interested in VXDIAG VCX SE BMW BENZ VW 3-in-1, browse this page: