Does VXDIAG VXC Nano support ECU programming?

VXDIAG VCX NANO is working fine for ECU programming when configured well. Of course for some cars you need online access but that’s not a question here. VCX Nano supports ECU programming.


Ford online access subscription address:



GM online access subscription address:


How-to’s guide of Ford PCM programming

Browse J2534 programming Http://  FORD Motorcraft

Service the official site to register an account, program PCM online for 2005 Ford Escape 3.0 v6 without any issue. here you go for operation guide

Tool to use: VCX NANO Ford


Here is a similar case and final solution:

Been trying to reprogram a PCM (PCM150F LB0-C55) on a ford escape 2008 3.0 with a vxdiag vcx nano se with no luck it just stops at error code: 11- 0x0 851082 i have checked all possible wiring to the pcm that would cause any failure everything is ok battery fully charged and also battery booter connected but no luck.


Update: finally my bench programming went well after making a bench programmer with my own ideas my programmer is capable of bench programming multiple kind ECM by just a little mod.


How-to’s guide of GM ECM programming? ¬†

For example, Pontiac Solstice ECM Reprogramming with Vxdiag VCX Nano GM GDS2

It shares as the same as procedure for other GM models.


Tool to use: Vxdiag VCX Nano GM GDS2 Techwin


To be updating for other car brands.


Hope it helps