Experience with VXDIAG VCX SE Donet Configuration by Team viewer

Dear guys, I have a good experience with VXDIAG VCX SE Donet Configuration by Team viewer supplied by the seller’s engineer. And I would like to share with all of you on what I was required to do and how they did for me before diagnosing.


Look, I took a image on how I connect VXDIAG VCX SE as required:

Vxdiag Se Donet Configuration 01


  1. Connected Teamviewer and provide the ID and password to vxdiagshop.com engineer.

Vxdiag Se Donet Configuration 02


  1. Please turn on the hotspot on your phone, set the name and password to DiagOnNet, pay attention to the capital.

Vxdiag Se Donet Configuration 03


  1. Press Fn button on VXDIAG SE for 3 seconds.

Vxdiag Se Donet Configuration 04


  1. They said “Do not connect the device to the usb cable, please disconnect the usb cable and we will configure it again. “, then I found the cable was just in vcx, not connected to PC, and I removed it.

Vxdiag Se Donet Configuration 05


  1. They replied ” VXDIAG SE Donet is already configured successfully” and they sent me a image with Donet ID and my device serial number.

Vxdiag Se Donet Configuration 06

Vxdiag Se Donet Configuration 07

  1. Try to enter the serial number to try to connect.

I already updated the firmware yesterday. Next is to proceed with diagnostic.


You may asked ” Now can close Hotspot and wechat, right?”, the answer is:

If you need to use donet, you cannot turn off the hotspot.

Anytime I use Donet, I have turn on Hotspot on mobile.


Hope it helps!


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