VXDiag VCX NANO JLR SDD Good and Bad Reviews

Today, we’ll share some good and bad reviews about VXDiag VCX NANO for JLR Land Rover and Jaguar in this post.


Good Review 1: Read the instructions and you’ll be fine.

Took me 3 days to get this working because I was an idiot and tried a 32bit copy of Windows 10. The software installed and opened up, but I couldn’t get it to communicate with the car. The seller organized a time to remote into my computer and investigate the issue, and found the OS to be the problem. I re-imaged my computer with 32bit Windows 7 and ran the installer again and it worked like a dream. This tool is extremely useful. I was able to diagnose why my auto stop/start wasn’t working within 2 minutes of opening the diagnostic toolset.


Good Review 2: No issues so far! Works extremely well with the legitimate software that’s not included

If you have a legitimate copy of the software and don’t use the bootleg software that comes with the product. You’re in for success. It works as good as the OEM equipment and other aftermarket equipment at five to ten times the price.

Vxdiag Jlr Good And Bad Reviews 01

Good Review 3: Works with windows 10 64bit.

Works great with Land Rover SDD. It comes with 2 install disk. But I went to the manufacturers website on the box to download the software because my computer doesn’t have a CD drive. THIS WORKS WITH 64BIT WINDOWS 10!!! Windows 10 has a comparability mode allowing it to work with this scanner and software.


Good Review 4: works great

In the end up I got a VXDIAG Land Rover and Jaguar. It works great and it still has online support, device driver and firmware updates which is good. Works OK with 145 and I can now do things that other jlr cables were flaky with. I’ve edited CCF, programmed modules, read and cleared codes, also been on long drive and calibrated gearbox adaptations on Jaguar XF… All fine with VXDIAG.


Bad Review :

limited operating system

Software is limited to operating on WIN7 or newer 32-bit operating system. Check your computer first.