Review on Setting up VXDIAG VCX NANO GM with PSA Service Box

Here’s an update on clearing the SHVCS. It’s a latched fault and cannot be cleared with the usual OBD readers.
ACDelco no longer works for Vauxhall/Opel as the parent company is now Peugeot.
Purchase a VXDIAG VCX Nano GM OBD device. Here’s mine:

Vxdiag Gm 1

Download and get the VX Manager to communicate with the dongle. This is what it looks like:

Vxdiag Gm 2

Then go to Service Box. You MUST use Chrome as the browser and NOT Edge, Explorer or Firefox. For some reason the Java doesn’t run properly on those. You’ll need to purchase a 2 hour subscription for SPS programming. It cost about 50 euros inc tax. You’ll have to create an account first.
The default language is French, so change it. Here’s the screen:

Vxdiag Gm 3

Install Tech2win From Service Box 2

Put the car into service mode by pressing Start for about 10 secs without pressing the brake pedal, and connect the dongle and test the connection with VX Manager. Install the javascript program. It takes a while to install (20 mins) and there are lots of screens to click yes and install to.

You’ll finally have a screen with many modules to reprogram. You need to select the HPCM2 module.

Run this and it’ll start at 30 mins to reprogram but rapidly comes down to about 9 mins. After this I clicked on clear DTCs (might not have needed to but I did it anyway).

I got the error message saying immobiliser fault or something like that. I got out of the car and locked/unlocked. This cleared the fault but there is still a small amber immobiliser warning light.

I’ve had this before after someone tried to reprogram a key. It went away after driving a while.

Update: The immobiliser light went 3 secs after driving.