VXDIAG VCX NANO Possible to reflash GM HPCM2 module?

As titled: possible to reflash HPCM2 module (Hybrid Powertrain Control Module 2) using vxdiag vcx nano for gm?

Yes. Some of vxdiagshop.com customers have tested and worked no issue.



Working experience:

What you need:

A vxdiag vcx nano for gm interface

SPS subscription


Feedback 1: 

You need the new SPS Vehicle Programming (Basic) subscription. You can buy a subscription from acdelco will do just as fine, and it’s 40USD for 2 years. Be sure to select Opel/Vauxhall at the top and double-check immediately before paying.


I just installed my defeat plug after my old sensor had failed, then used the VCX Nano and SPS to reprogram the HPCM2 in order to clear the SHVCS code.

Did a daily erase of the POAA6/P1fff messages until the defeat plug arrived, installed WOT Defeat Plug, programmed HPCM2 with a VCX Nano via the ACDelco TDS website (2 day subscription) then hit the Erase Faults button after programming.
Done … no messages … charging Normal.
For those more technically inclined or without dealer support, the VCX Nano needs firmware updates via VXDIAG’s VCX Manager to be used as a J2534 pass-through programmer. Windows needs a Java update and the TDS website installs software before you get started. After that … it’s a 10 minute job!



Feedback 2:

Yes, with a standard (non-enhanced) tis2web account you can use SPS to reprogram the HPCM2 module and clear the locked fault code.

I used a VXDIAG VCX Nano dongle, so with the cost of that, joining fee for the GM portal, plus 2x 1-hour subscriptions (I didn’t realise the first hour I bought would start immediately – I didn’t have the dongle at that point) cost me 170€ and saved me a 6-hour round trip plus probably a hotel for the night plus whatever the main dealer charged for the reprogram.  My Ampera is charging once more.