VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford Jan. 2021 Review

January 2021 Updated review of VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS.


Review 1: Works fine for programming, read more

The key to getting this to work right is VX Manager. It sets up the right driver and allows the VCX Nano to work within Forscan and Ford FJDS as a J2534 pass thru device. I heard rumors that aftermarket 2534 devices can’t program on the MS CAN bus with FJDS, but I found that to be untrue as this VCX Nano worked fine with a valid FJDS license. Don’t bother using the software that they include on the discs. This device actually works faster than Obdlink MX and ELM327 devices with Forscan. FJDS is the new version of Ford Module Programming, and the interface is clunky like IDS. FJDS does not have the same level of diagnostics as IDS but if you need to program modules, change some parameters, etc… FJDS does the trick for most newer Fords. This is a great alternative to buying an expensive VCM2 for programming modules or running diagnostics with Forscan., basically for home use. The pros will want to stick with VCM2 and an IDS license.



Review 2: Works perfectly for newer Fords, not so much for early 2000’s models.

I was expecting a hard time setting this up based on the reading I’ve done online but it honestly wasn’t that bad. I used the free VMWare player and made a few VMs so I wouldn’t have to start from scratch if I screwed up. Got it working GREAT on a 2015 hybrid c-max and 2017 F-150 with I-D-S 114.01 and Win10. Module programming worked without a hitch and it even goes online to get the latest calibrations. Tried to use it on a 2000 mercury sable and ran into the pin 13 problem as another reviewer mentioned. Apparently some older PCMs need +18V applied to pin 13 of the OBDII connector and this device does not do that. The seller tried to help (and was quick to respond) but admitted it would not work no matter what software I used. BTW this works great for FORScan as well using the J2534 pass-through function. If you have a later model Ford/Merc buy this without hesitation. If you are in the early to mid 2000’s you might want to pass.


Review 3: For technical folks, this is likely easy

The device is fine. works well.This software solution works. here is what I don’t like about it:
You start a windows 7 VM and for the software to work correctly; the timezone has to be set to china. So the software included is licensed for use in China only. For me to be using this in the U.S. has to be violating some kind of piracy law. IDS is worth it $50 month to me, so I will buy a legit subscription.


Review 4: Work well as a J2354 adapter

This works well in Forscan, it will also work with the Ford FJDS, which you can get a 2-day license for $50. There is a “hacked” IDS and it likely works for many of the functions, I couldn’t get the flashing feature to work. So if you are looking to do that, it may or may not work.



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