VXDIAG Techstream Program TPMS Modules on 2015 RAV4 Success

Vxdiag vcx nano Toyota Techstream review on 2015 RAV4 TPMS Module programming:

I thought I would share my experience trying to program new tire pressure sensors (TPS) on my 2015 RAV4 XLE.
I have had the MVCI cable and TS for years but only made minor changes so far.
Recently, three of the TPS modules stopped sending during cold mornings. TPS error light flashed then stayed on.
Although it was kind of early for the batteries to go in the sensors I had them all replaced with Denso OEM ones.
My mechanic could not reprogram the sensors, but I thought it would be no problem with my MVCI cable and TS.
Nothing would work. Tried several versions of TS, several versions of MVCI cable firmware.
Always got the dreaded “Id Registration failed due to a communication error” and had to short ODBII pins TC and CG to reset ECU.
I then decided to try a VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota off vxdiagshop.com
Had to replace XP on my old D600 laptop with Win7, install VXDIAG manager/driver, went online and updated license.
I did’nt install the new version TS that came with the VXDIAG. The loader.exe had a trojan.
Went to my car to program the sensors and it worked the first time.
Although it’s $79 and a bit of a pain to install, I would recommend it.