VXDIAG VCX NANO Mazda Not Found IDS Solution


I have a vxdiag vcx nano Mazda IDS software installed on a Windows 10 32bit system.  I did install vx manager and vci driver. After run IDS from patch from your webpage, it reported IDS not found error.  Any idea how to fix that?

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Vxdiagshop.com solution:

The error was caused by the original VCI driver.  You have installed the original VCI software driver.

Mazda IDS does not require this driver. The driver is for original Ford IDS.

VXdiag is not compatible with original vci driver either.  

Ford IDS and Mazda IDS cannot be installed on same computer, otherwise may cause IDS not found error as well.

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After remove original Ford vci software driver, select correct region, it works fine now.

*If IDS give failed and try again error, enter brand, dealer code and region again because IDS has login limit.

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