FAQ VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM Opel GDS2 Tech2WIN diagnostic scanner.

Q: Will this work on a 2007 Chevy Silverado! I replaced the ecm and bcm along with the anti theft module and need to reprogram them!

A: Yers, it will.


Q:Will this program any module in a 2017 Chevrolet?

A:Yes, but you need buy original GM subscription.


Q:Can i program remote keyfob for cadillac srx 2010 with this devices?

A:Yes. shouldn’t have an issue


Q:Is there update software that includes the cadillac elr?



Q:does this have everything including the program for gm?

A:This device come with hardware and software GDS2 Tech2Win, but for programming you need buy subscription from http://www.acdelcotds.com/
This one works on new vehicle


Q:Will this reprogram the body control module on a GM?

A:It will, but you do have to purchase a $40 programming subscription through acdelco and use their software while being connected to internet.  It seems to cover all setting example recalibrate clutch travel and throttle response but works best windows 8


Q:can you program tpms ecu

A:Yes! This is the only one I found to work. Trust me I bought two of them the cheap one and the new and improved one.


Q:Will this product unlock a radio in Loc mode in a 2004 gmc savana? A vin relearn?

A:2004 year vehicle may not support


Q:Is this officialy licensed by gm

A:No it’s not it’s more like a clone tool but definitely works great does 99% of original tool. you can use TIS2Web and gain access to all modules in vehicle.


Q:Will this software work with 2014 Chevy Volt?

A:Yes, I used it on a 2013 volt that has electrical issues but in order to diagnose car( or in my case view individual battery cell voltages ) you must purchase a subscription from ac delco for $57 for three days of use or something like $250 for a month or about $750 for a year subscription. In order to reprogram modules you have to purchase another subscription for different software for $40 which is good for 2 years . But it only allows you to program each module in one car one time.


Q:Will this work on a 2012 gmc sierra 2500hd duramax diesel?

A:Yes, works.


Q:Does it read abs codes

A:As long as you have a GM vehicle that is 2000 or newer, yes


Q:Cadilllac xts 2013 and need a module programming. it must be done with with the tech2win or with the with the passthru software?

A:for programming, you need buy subscription


Q:Will this put abs into bleed mode?

A:IF your vehicle is a 1992 – 2013 GM product, it will complete any and all function tests the GM Tech2 will perform. This is the same Tech2 software, only on your laptop. I don’t know what specific platform or model year you’re inquiring about, however if it falls under the capabilities of a Tech2, then yes, it will.


Q:Can this learn a new keyless remote to a 2008 gm vehicle (saturn sky) without a “programming subscription” or is that for ecu only?

A:For this function, need buy subscription of GM.

Q:Can i connect to the abs module in a 1996 silverado? not sure if i can use this or if i need a tech 2 specifically

A:To be clear, Tech2Win software (that DOES run on Win10 64 bit) IS the same software that runs on the Tech 2. Not the greatest interface but it works.

I obviously don’t have a 96 Silverado but I fired up the software. My vehicles don’t have abs so I’m not totally sure, would assume it would be in body or chassis diagnostics. Would need your vin and engine, there’s ten different options.

I can’t say for certain I’m looking at the right thing but I get an error saying “Tech2win does not support FWAL/4WAL protocol. ” This is where you program a new tire size so I assume I’m looking in the right place.

Depends what you’re trying to do…any newer cheap scanner should read and clear codes. Trying to program a module is another story, haven’t tried programming yet but i do have full bidirectional control on my Saturn Ion to turn on cooling fans etc.


Q:will this work on 2016 chevrolet? more specifically, will it read airbag (SRS) codes on a 2016 chevy express 3500?

A:Yes, it works


Q:Will the software clear a “service high voltage charging system” code from a 2012 chevrolet volt?

A:Yes but only after the cause us fixed


Q:Will it run on windows 7 starter 32 bit system?

A:It will work as a j2534 for most software I’ve tried. Gm GDS works with Win7 but tech2 software only works on WinXp 32 bit.

Q:works with wifi and USB? both way?

A:The USB version can only by USB.
Wifi version can be both USB and wifi



Q:I have a 2004 s10 blazer, will the reprogram the vin in the radio and reprogram the bcm for keyless? yes i’ll buy gm subscription

A:Yes this will. You have to use the software reprogramming subscription through AC Delco TDS website.

Q:Will this work on a 1995 buick with the odb 1.5?

A:It might actually! The included tech2win software goes as old as 1991. For 95 the 2.2L, 2.3L, 3.1L, 3.4L, 3.8L and more is supported. Question is what the OBD 1.5 port looks like and are the pins the same…Way cheaper than an old snapon brick!


Q:Will this connect to and start the 4 wheel abs bleed function on a 1997 tahoe and 2005 escalade?

A:97 year tahoe not support, 2005 escalade support


Q:Can i use this to program a re-manufactured bcm for my 2004 chevy blazer?

A:yes, you need online authorization

Q:Will this do a vin relearn for a 2014 chevy traverse radio ??

A:Yes it should some things you need gm programming but to relearn you shouldent

Q:Will it work on Win 10 and does it include the Tech2Win software?

A:It include tech2win software, we recommend you use win7 computer, though have customer install it on win10 successfully

Q:Will this work on a 2003 Corvette?

A:Yes, it works.


Q:Can this be used to register new tpms sensors?

A:Yes, it can.


Q:Will this work with a 2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T?

A:Yes, it can works on a 2008 year saab with tech2win software.


Q:Will this perform regeneration on my chevy 2008 duramax diesel?

A:We used this with a 2005 Buick Lacrosse to program a new PCM. We did have to buy a subscription from GM for Tech2Win at https://www.acdelcotds.com. There are short term subscriptions available. There also may be 3rd party solutions available but we didn’t to fight the extra steps typically involved.

Q:will this do a relearn on crankshaft sensor for a chevy colorado 2004?

A:Yes, by using tech2win software


Q:Does the tech2win support active tests for different sensors and modules on gm vehicles

A:Yes, support

Q:Will this software work with 2014 Chevy Volt?

A:Yes, support this vehicle. You will need to use the GDS on 64bit computer and use VMware machine and your computer need at least 4gb. The software need you do more research on how to use it.

Q:I am running the usb gm version win7/64, it will work for a few minuites, then loose communication and the t2w app will crash? i have tried reinstall

A:TECH2WIN need install on 32bit computer. 64bit computer can not works well, please change computer OS and try again

Q:Last year saab owners were not able to get this to work (with 2003-2011 saabs). has that problem been solved? are saab owners able to use this now?

A:No, not support old saab

Q:Product description indicates compatible with Windows 7 32/64 bit, but reviews state only good with 32 bit. Please confirm 64 bit compatibility.

A: GDS2 works with the included software as a virtual machine with VMWare running in a decent hardware, no low end Pentiums or Celeron, please Core2Duos and up, Minimum 4GB Ram, etc.,  Tech2Win is working on Win 10 64bit. (HP 11 Stream). Connect Nano and manually set USB Serial port to LOWER than Com 8 and set baud to 115200. In Tech2Win Config leave as SEARCH with BLANK serial. You’ll know you’re MDI is connected correctly when you get the Select Manufacturer dialog MDI pop-up. Use only the 8 numbers from the Select Interface pop-up as your serial number leaving Com as SEARCH or what ever ELTIMA Virtual Serial Port’s Com is in Device Manager while Tech2Win is running.


Q:Will this work to reflash a 2003 gmc yukon denali ecm/pcm? also, seat control module?

A:Yes, support, but you need buy gm subscription software online.

Q:Can i read and clear codes from the driver assist module in a 2015 cadillac escalade?

A:Yes, use gds software

Q:Will the gds2 work with win 7 32 bit? or does it require 64 bit?

A:GDS can be installed on 64bit computer. You can try yourself.

Q:Will i be able to perform an abs bleed on a 2006 gmc yukon without a subscription?

A:It needs subscription


Q:Will i be able to relearn or reset my stereo system and suspension for my 2006 Corvette?

A:yes, use tech2win program

Q:Will this perform a transmission fast learn on a 2018 gmc canyon?

A: The software I was given only goes to 2017. You might try emailing vxdiagshop.com…they have been very responsive to multiple emails with decent English.


Q:  Possible to run the new 2019 GDS2 software on Windows 10?

A: Yes. It will.


Q:  Error:  “No Communication with Vehicle”

Symptom: no communicate with any BCM modules. Have installed the VX Manager and GDS2 software 2018.

A:   Install the latest V2019.02 GDS2 software, check Free Download and Install VXDIAG VCX NANO GM V2019.02 Software



Q: Will this work with windows 7 professional 64 bit? It says 32 bit but GM programming requires 64 bit

A: It comes with a virtual machine and the program to get it working. That virtual machine has 32 bit windows 7 installed on it, so your OS version on your actual machine doesn’t matter.



Q: Will this run on Windows 10 64 bit system?

A 1: GDS2 software compatible with Windows 10 and windows7 32bit,

tech2win software windows7 32bit, so, suggest windows7 32bit

A 2: It should run on a 64 bit system with no issues. 64 bit systems can run 32 bit code or 64 bit code.

A3: It will most likely run a Virtual Machine (VM), won’t matter. Everything windows 10 is backwards compatible with 7.



Q: What languages does Vxdiag GM GDS2/Tech2Win support?

A: GM Tech2Win software only supports English. GM GDS2 software supports multi-language, including Indonesian, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Burmese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Creek etc.



Updated: (Jan. 2021)

Q: If vxdiag gm support sps program online?

A:Yes, it supports.


Q: Whether vcx nano GM can support 1999-2006 opel cars?

A: No, it do not support 1999-2006 opel.


Q: Does it can do diagnosis for 2005 Chevrolet workhorse, petrol 8,2 l?

A:Yes, it can do diagnosis for your car.


Q: Does it support functions like relearn/reset gearbox for meriva b 17dt 2010?

A:Yes,VXDIAG GM can support relearn/reset gearbox function for meriva b 17dt 2010.


Q: Will this device support Air Bag SRS-Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor Re-zero Support for 2015 Chevrolet Traverse?
A: The device can support your car of 2015. But for the function you mentioned, we confirmed with engineer, it needs to perform with online SPS subscription.

Q: Can it support on line program remote key to a Chevrolet tornado year 2015?
A: It’s can support on line program remote  key to a Chevrolet tornado year 2015.But you need have original account.

Q: Hello, I’d like to know if with this tester after I’ve replaced the egr valve I can adapt it to recognize the ecm, does it have this function?
A: I am afraid this unit can not support the function you need.


Q: I just bought a 2005 Cadillac SRX V6. I wonder if your diagnostic tool supports this model? What can we do? (diagnostics, programming, etc.) what if your tool supports French?

A: for your car model, can test with our vcx nano GM. It can support cars to 2019. Your car model belongs to the supported range. But our software only supports diagnostic function. If you want to do programming, need to use SPS online, need to have online account yourself. The GDS2 software supports French, but tech2win only supports English.

Q: Is this product compatible with the 2013 Chevrolet CAPTIVA 2.2L 163hp? If so, can we take out all the calculators?
A: for your 2013 car model, the device can support, suggest to have test.
But if you want to do programming, need to have online SPS account yourself.

Q: Can you please tell me if the VXDIAG VCX Nano GDS2 and Tech2Win Diagnostic Programming System for GM/Opel is compatible with a Zurich Pro automotive computer? Currently I have a code on my 2011 DuraMax Diesel 2500HD truck that I can’t seem to clear. I was told I need this to bleed the system and clear the code. The code is def fluid circuit A low voltage. I changed the def fluid pump and heater fluid assembly.
A: For the software, it is compatible with win7 32bit system. If your computer is win7 32bit can have a test. For your vehicle of 2011 DuraMax Diesel 2500HD truck, it is 12V model, right? If so, the vcx nano GM can support your vehicle.




Updated: (March. 2021)

Q: Will this work with a 2005 Chevy cobalt?

A: Yes! It works with all GM vehicles. And most others.


Q: Will this work on 2003 chevy silverado2500hd with 6 liter motor?

A: Yes.


Q: Does this work for saabs?

A: Saab old vehicle not work, only for saab vehicle after 2010 year.


Q: Can I program remote keyfob for cadillac srx 2010 with this device?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this work on 2004 pontiac grand prix gtp to program ecm?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this clear srs airbag codes on a 2011 chevy equinox?

A: That depends on if you fixed what was causing the code in the first place, but yes using with the gds software can clear those codes.


Q: Will this work for a 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha to remove check engine light due to use of magnaflo cats?

A: Sorry, it doesn’t support.


Q: Does it read abs codes?

A: As long as you have a GM vehicle that is 2000 or newer, yes.


Q: Can nano GDS2 diagnose Opel Antara 2009?

A: No.


Q: Can VXC NANO GDS2 support to replace the vaine position sensor on my 2006 chevy silverado 3500 6.6 duramax?

A: Yes.


Q: Can VCX NANO GDS2 work with windows 10s tablet?

A: Yes.


Q: Can VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM support captiva 2010?

A: No.