Does VXDIAG Tech2win Work on Australian Holden?

As titled, does vxdiag vcx nano gm tech2win work on Australian Holden?


The answer is NO.

Review 1: 

Once up and running I can use GDS for 2014 up Holden Commodores and AC Delco SPS programming through the pass thru works fine as well. BUT load tech2win with any Holden Commodore software and watch out as it does not read anything but the CAN bus modules and can set codes on the GM Lan bus modules. 


Review 2: 

I am semi retired auto elec in Ozzie and have had to go back to work . i mainly do car yards and mechanic shops to diagnose. i have brough a vxdiag vcx nano to do some basics on gm holdens which is common in Ozzie. i find it works on engine – trany and abs but no comms on radio – cluster and hvac.


Review 3: 

I had VX nano tech2win wouldn’t work on Ozzie holdens unless it had a chevy engine thats about all it talked to.



FYI: GDS2 and SPS2 works fine with Holden.

GDS2 tested working, but need to install 2012 x86 redist package.

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SPS2 and Techline Connect also tested working:

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