VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota vs Godiag J2534

Vxdiag vcx nano Toyota and Godiag gd101 j2534 which is a better diagnostic cable for Toyota & Lexus?

Vxdiag Vcx Nano Toyota Vs Godiag J2534

Both are compatible with Techstream software.

VXDIAG VCX NANO emulates Techstream like OEM VCI, godiag J2534 just works as j2534 passthru.

According to users’ report, godiag j2534 is not fully compatible with techstream, even after using their drivers.


Beware, Avast and then multiple other antiviruses on virustotal marked the driver program and the Techstream software available for download from their website as having trojans. It will read codes, but don’t expect to be able to change vehicle configurations with it (tried on two lexus, neither worked – bought a VXDiag vcx nano toyota cable after buying this and it worked flawlessly – but is much more expensive). Godiag wouldn’t recognize my LS400 (would read as LS430) nor RX350 (had to manually do it) when plugging in, VXDiag got both of them right on first try.



I purchased godiag cable because it looked better than the cheap clear J2534 cables you see online, primarily wanted for Toyota techstream to be able to clear codes and do some customize features on my vehicles.
Note that this WILL communicate with your vehicle however it can basically only “see” things.
It cannot and will not perform any setting changes, cannot communicate with a vast # of computers etc and you cannot do any programming with it.
If you need something just to see codes than this will work fine but it is not the universal tool for performing any functions.


3). With vxdiag vcx nano you can perform online programming with Toyota online subscription, however, godiag j2534 cable does not work with an online subscription, only works with offline techstream.

So godiag j2534 is just for starters, for professional use, better go with vxdiag.