VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Malibu S10 Acadia Win10 Review

Here comes the VXDIAG VCX NANO GM August 2023 review from one of the vxdiagshop.com customers.


“Buy the software from their site, along with a thumb drive. Make sure you delete any related software before you install the software you bought. And any settings that you changed trying to get it to work. Windows home edition won’t run virtual machines, if you know what Red Hat means windows pro upgrade is free and easy. To do this software build and know how to use this tool’s software, you need to be an expert with computers and expert mechanic. If you are both…. This tool is insanely cool and cheap!!!! You can do anything with GM owned company vehicles 96 and up, Opel too.

** ALL FIREWALL and ANTIVIRUS must be off or it will not work ***

Works great for a wide array of GM vehicles giving you dealer level data and control. VXDIAG does a nice job of providing plenty of how to information to assist with the software install. I didn’t have any issue and gave tested both Tech2 and GDS2 applications. Special functions and test operations all worked great and I was able to review so much data on each vehicle I connected it to. Tried with a 2006 Malibu, 2002 S10, and 2015 Acadia, and all worked well. I stuck with the USB model to ensure the most reliable connection. If you are not computer friendly then the setup may be a challenge, but most should be able to follow the directions with success.

this took me some time to successfully setup but now it is working flawlessly highly recommended.