Porsche Tester II /III Programming Help

These are programming tricks/tips of Porsche PIWS II/III tester.


This is not our work. Credit to Jhon from Porsche forum. Just for sharing purpose. Hope it helps who has a porsche tester.


First of all, a PIWIS II and a PIWIS III do the same things, only the III can do newer cars, 2018 and on, where as the II is limited to the 2017 and earlier models. The III is easier to use but is more technically challenging to clone since it seeks a signal from Porsche to authorize the VCI (the thing you plug into the car’s diagnostic port). The Chinese who sell the clones, created their own server to clone and send out those signals, then modified the VCI firmware to look for the Chinese signal instead of the Porsche signal.


There are plenty of other devices that you can purchase to reset your service interval, change your battery or set the parking brake to the service position. What those devices can’t do that the PIWIS can do is code modules to your car, change the way those modules operate, run some diagnostic tests and see the output and input of almost every sensor and button in the car.

You purchased your tester, now what.

Some terms. VAL Vehicle Analysis LOG. When your tester first connects to the car, it reads the state of all modules and records all the faults in a log. This log is then tagged by you either as before repair, during repair or after. These logs serve as proof for Porsche that the dealer performed work for service payment. They don’t serve a lot of value for individuals, other than document all your errors for offline. I found them somewhat useful as a milestone as my car had over 150 faults when I began and I could see my progress looking through vals as I did repairs. VALS want to be uploaded so they look to Porsche servers to upload but since yours doesn’t have a PNN account, it can’t connect.

Programming or Coding. Porsche uses both but really doesn’t seem to distinguish between them. You cannot update the firmware of the modules, you simple program it to your car. You can add or change the VIN in the modules. For modules to work in yor car, they must have the VIN programmed in them. Buying a new module from Porsche and sticking it in, won’t work because the module needs a VIN programmed in it to talk to the other modules in the car. Beyond that, you need to program the module to your options. For example, the rear door module on a panamera uses the same module for the right and the left doors. If you place a new module in the right door, the window operates in reverse. Programming it, tells the module, it is located in a right door and reverses the up/down. . There is auto and manual programming.

Initial set up and overview
When you first connect to your car, you must have the car on, but not running. Connect the VCI to the car and the laptop, turn on the car then start the diagnostic program on the laptop. The PIWIS III will auto determine the model of the car, the PIWIS II requires you to select the model when starting the diagnostic program. I will add pictures at times when asked. Keep in mind I sold my PIWIS II, so I can only add pictures of the three. if you are not connected to a car, both versions of the PIWIS will offer simulation mode which is a good way to get familiar with the unit without messing up your car.

When you first enter the diagnostic mode, you are shown a list of all modules in your car. In engineering mode, all modules are shown, even those not in your car so make sure you are in Production mode. If everything is in English you are in production mode. If the module names are in German, you are in engineering mode. Note there is a language selection prior to entering the diagnostic program for those who seek other languages. You are on the overview tab and there are other tabs, but on the module listing page, you do not want to enter any of those other tabs, They are used when looking at one module. The first thing I recommend people do is hit the button marked add. menu at the bottom.(F7) From here you can run read all fault memories. Run that and don’t run the other options as many require a connection and a Porsche account. Don’t get too concerned with your faults, many show up simply from a low voltage situation. Try erasing them all first. If they all disappear, that’s good, any that stay on will require investigation. Please note that some will disappear because the module is not active. If you run the car and then note the same faults reoccur, you should investigate them.

Once you have cleared all the faults, you should go back to the overview screen which shows all the modules and select any module you want to investigate then hit next. That will take you to that specific module where you can now use the other tabs across the top to show the module information, read any inputs or outputs and do any repairs that may be listed.

Finally, there are certain modules that you cannot replace. These modules hold the key code information and must be programed by the dealer. They are the engine module, the Front and rear Body control modules, the Steering ELV module (few people have this module) I read somewhere that the airbag module is also on this list. I cannot confirm this as that is one of the only modules that is original in my car and still worked. While you cannot replace them, you can certainly do repairs, or change options in some of them. You can use them to diagnose problems, you just can’t replace them entirely.


Another tip-as we know, to use PIWIS III, we must turn the date and clock back to 2020 for the VCI to work- once your car is automatically detected and you connect, you can re set the date back to current. I have since done this for VALs and Vehicle Handovers to have a current state of the car-

Here are some screen shots, after I did Vehicle Analysis Log and Vehicle Handover Log.
After disconnecting from the car, I opened piwis and entered simulation mode, by going to diagnostics and manually selecting my car:

Use Porsche Piwis3 1

Then, under control unit selection, overview, at the bottom you see Logs(F10)

Use Porsche Piwis3 2

Select Logs and choose either Vehicle Analysis Log or Vehicle Handover:

Use Porsche Piwis3 2

Then you’ll see them,

Use Porsche Piwis3 4

Use Porsche Piwis3 5

After hitting display(F10) you can read the reports:

Use Porsche Piwis3 6

Screen shot only shows the overview of the VAL, you have to scroll through an extensive list. I erased VIN in Photoshop before posting-

Here’s the Vehicle Handover:

Use Porsche Piwis3 7

There’s also a path in Windows to see the LOGs but right on PIWIS itself it’s nice to look at them-
Once you open your VAL, it’s a long page and you can scroll and view everything.