VXDIAG Benz Xentry 2022 EPC Error 462 Solution


I had a problem running vxdiag vcx se Benz 2022.12 EPC software. Starts from WIS-EPC on desktop and run EPC from vmware. But got an error 462.

How to fix it?

Open Vxdiag Epc On Vmware 4Open Vxdiag Epc On Vmware 5

Open Vxdiag Epc On Vmware 7  Open Vxdiag Epc On Vmware 6

For vxdiag xentry software 2022 onwards , please open WIS and EPC as follow:

Open WIS

Run WISALL2022 on desktop to open WIS

Open Vxdiag Wis 1


Open EPC

Run WIS_EPC on desktop

Open Vxdiag Epc On Vmware 1

Run WIS_WEB from vmware workstation to open EPC

Open Vxdiag Epc 1

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