Mercedes Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus Coding by Vediamo or Xentry?

Vehicle Model: Mercedes C63s E250



Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus Coding Retrofit

Vehicle equipped with intelligent LED Light system and multifunction camera. Should be capable for Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus(IHC+ Code 628).

But all north american market MB neuter it off. downgrade to Adaptive Highbeam Assist(IHC Code 620), same on multibeam LED in NEW E,S class.
I tried to enable by changing coding in multiple relative control units.



This required Vediamo\DTS Monaco ? or just some code changes with Xentry?

Only via Vediamo or DTS Monaco. Xentry can not do any modification on coding like this, beyond xentry’s ability.

I’m working on getting this to work with my vxdiag benz c6 module.

There’s a guide on here which will take you through all the modules and coding. So it’s possible, but very risky. You need to know what you’re doing and make sure you take screenshots of before and after as well a backups.