VXDIAG GM Tech2Win E667841 License Expired Solution


I tried to installed the GDS2 and Tech2win software, when i connect vxdiag vcx nano gm with laptop, it failed me and asked for a new software license key.

Software won’t identify vcx interface. (Error: E667481: Your license has expired or does not exist. M669298: Perform a Software Download (SWDL) or a security access to reflash your license)

Then i installed the vx manager driver, it gave me another source file corrupted error.

error images attached:

Tech2win License Has Expired Vxdiag Manager Source File Corrupted

Vxdiagshop.com solution:

There’s something wrong with the installation procedure. Please re-download the GDS2 2020 via:



Then download latest VX Manager driver on official website:



Follow the correct procedure to install GDS2 & Tech2win software (No VMware)