Here vxdiagshop.com gathers some frequently asked questions and answers of VXDIAG VCX SE for JLR.  Hope it helps.


Q: Can i use original SDD and Pathfinder software with the vcx se jlr interface? Does it require patch license?

A:  Yes, vcx se is compatible with original software. It does not require patch.


Q: Possible to diagnose Jaguar F.Pace of the year 2016 2.0 AWD with the vcx se jlr?

A: Yes.


Q: What’s the computer requirement if i buy the vcx se jlr and hdd?

A: Newer laptop/computer with 4G or more RAM.


Q: Will the jlr vcx se program land rover key 2010 – 2019 when all keys lost?

A: Yes. But require online account.


Q: Does this do online programming?

A: Yes. But we don’t provide online account.  Online programming require an online account from your car manufacturer which we don’t provide.


Q: We have the Panasonic Toughbook with SDD V153 and can you confirm if the vcx se jlr will work with our current SDD V153 version?

A: VCX SE JLR software comes in HDD format. You are required to remove the hard disk from your Panasonic Toughbook and install vxdiag jlr hard drive.


Q: Is it connect via WiFi or Bluetooth?

A: Vcx se JLR supports both USB and WiFi connection.

Vcx Se Jlr Connection

Q: Can you confirm it will do newer DoIP land rover models?

A: Yes. The vcx se supports DoIP land rover models year 2017 up.


Q: Can I add other software license to the vcx se jlr, i.e Toyota and Ford?

A: Sorry, VXDIAG VCX SE is a single license device.  Not possible to add other software license. You can choose vxdiag multi tool series if want multi software license.


Q: What’s the latest version of SDD and pathfinder?

A:  The latest SDD software version goes to V158.06 and Pathfinder version V264 (May 2020).


Q: Possible to update SDD/pathfinder software?

A: Yes. Software can be updated.  1). Send software HDD back to update. 2) Buy a new version HDD.


Q: Possible to change JLR configuration CCF  with this?

A: Yes.


Q: Must i buy the hdd for the vxdiag vcx se jlr? Can i download software to use with it?

A: You can download sdd/pathfinder software to use with vcx se as well. But we suggest buying a HDD. Because SDD and Pathfinder are very difficult to install (Pathfinder takes 1- to 2 days even in good network condition). Buy a HDD will avoid software installation. Insert HDD to laptop and ready to use.


Q: Can i program a new module with vcx se jlr?

A: Yes, but require an online account.


Q:  Does the sdd support both online and offline programming?

A:  Yes. Online programming requires an online account. Offline programming requires patch installation.  Patch can be downloaded free on www.vxdiagshop.com  “Download” menu.