VXDIAG 2TB HDD Laptop Requirement

What’s the computer requirement of the vxdiag 2TB full brand hard drive?

This is a frequently asked question of our customers.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Full 2tb Hdd 1

For the HDD, need to insert to laptop with SATA Port, at least 8gb ram, i7 proccessor, better lenovo laptop.
Use it a system hdd.


The HDD tested ok on laptops LENOVO T410, T440, T440P, X201, Acer ES1-571. Suggest testing on laptops above. Laptops after 2008, but not too new, with SATA port, i5 processor or above, at least 6gb ram.

Tips to set up 2TB HDD:
Prior to disable the original hdd, reboot to the bios, remove UEFI and set the boot to HDD.

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