Failed to Download VXDIAG ODIS 9.1.0 Solution

If have trouble downloading VXDIAG VCX SE 6154 ODIS 9.1.0 software from our website, here’s the clue.

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I am struggling to instal ODIS9.1.0 which I had downloaded from your link from MEGA


I had followed this guide but it seems that software uploaded on MEGA is corrupted, and folders names are different for “replace license” and some more.

How to Install VXDIAG VCX SE 6154 ODIS 9.1.0 on Windows 10?

I had figured it out. First installation failed due to problem with java. Some VW_PDU API files and registry keys left after uninstall. After proper java version redeployment odis installation attempts were failing due to these files and keys presence. I had deleted them and cleaned registry manually and installation was successful.

Keep this solution if someone will have similar problem.