VXDIAG Benz C6 Driver Update to

Allscanner VXDIAG released new Benz C6 driver for 12/2022 Xentry software.



Benz C6 Driver Update History

2023.01.04 V3.2.4.230104
UPDATE: Xentry Diagnosis 12/2022 Addon new version support
After Xentry 12/2022 Addon update, update VCI to version 202303.

Vxdiag Benz Driver 3.2.4
If using the new 12/2022 xentry software, update VCI Driver to Version 202303.

Vxdiag Benz Driver 3.2.4 Vci Driver


If VCI asks to update VCI to version, press No and not to update VCI to version 202303 if using 12.2022 xentry or previous version.

Vxdiag Benz Driver 3.2.4 Driver 4

Then run Xentry VCI Recovery program on desktop

Then press UPDATE to update Xentry Diagnosis VCI

Select VCI version 202303

Vxdiag Benz Driver 3.2.4 5