VXDIAG VCX SE Benz DoIP June 2023 Review

Here comes the unbiased review of VXDIAG VCX SE Benz DoIP scanner on June 27th, 2023.


“I can recommend is the VXDIAG VCX SE for BENZ which also supports DOIP. I have been using this now for a while and it is really useful as it also works in C6 mode. That makes it useful for DTS Monaco to work with CBF and SMR-D files.

VXDIAG works perfect with Xentry XDOS (VXDIAG works in C6 mode for XDOS and in J2534 mode for Passthru) for cars after 2005-2006. I have one and use it regularly with Xentry and DTS for CBF and SMR-D. Also have the C3 and the C4. I prefer to use the VXDIAG above the C4… why? It just works! No boot time, no bulky interface and no annoying long cables.

You buy the VXDIAG SE for Benz only once and you renew the LICENSE for FREE at least every 6 months via the VXManager.

Never paid anything ever after the purchase.. so the “subscription service” part is totally not applicable.

I’m very happy with this device. I also have several C3 and 1x SdConnect, but I always grab the VXDIAG for recent models┬ábecause:
– No boot time
– Works good via WiFi connection in C6 mode
– Small size, easy to fit in the bag
– No┬ábulky and stiff cables to carry around
– One interface to work with Xentry & DTS in CBF and SMR-D

ONLY if you need to diagnose older cars before 2006, I recommend the C3 (use Xentry till 2014) or SDConnect as VXDIAG will not read all modules in the car.

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