Carista vs VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota

The Carista and the VXDiag VCX NANO Toyota (Techstream) are the cheapest scanners for Toyota including TPMS reset.

For anyone else pondering which equipment to get:

Carista: cheap, quick to get, effective for TPMS and other MIL-triggering diagnostics, on Toyotas and other vehicles. No ability to get real-time TPMS data.  part of the functionality is free and part of it is paid.  When you “purchase” the program, you purchase a year, with monthly charges automatically applied. They give you the first month for free.

Carista only does basic OBDII readouts for older vehicles (like 2002 Toyota/Lexus models).

Carista will not work on lexus SC. But it works well on LS series.  Carista for 10-19 models won’t do TPMS settings.

No EV or HV miles driven, no total kWh charged, no emissions data/calculations (Toyota Europe), no daily/monthly EV and HV data (Prius Prime) available in Carista Beta app (till now).

Techstream with VCX Nano: looks more robust. can be finicky to set up, but once it is, incredibly powerful tool that goes way beyond TPMS functionality. Note the Mini VCI will not do live engine/transmission data nor program TPMS IDs, though it generally can read and reset MILs.

You are able to do customary seat belt alarm turn off, TSB update, and have cleared ECU/TCU memory (vehicle will need to learn trims/transmission learning again, takes some driving) with techstream. There are logging capabilities, DTC reading and clearing, PIDS to monitor.

Autel: convenient but not at all versatile. You’ll need to spend more money on other tools to do basic diagnostics.



Tech stream is probably better if you want to get into serious levels of servicing. Carista to live in the vehicle, techstream for stuff at home. 
but for just basic customizing might be better with carista.
its cheaper and easier to use.