VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Review on Chevrolet C6 Corvette

Here comes the new VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2/Tech2win review on Camaro Z28 and C6 Corvette.
I have a vxdiag vcx nano and it worked perfectly with my Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, C6 Corvette and my wife’s Saturn Sky Redline. Paid for itself when I had to program a new key fob.
 If you buy it just show patience and be willing to learn. I specifically got it because I did not like the issues that many were having with the tech2 clones that I’ve been hearing about and this VX Diag is way cheaper.
I set up a dedicated Win7 64bit Lenovo laptop with 1 core and 4GB RAM, downloaded & installed the software entirely within the PC to keep all the iffy software somewhat contained.
I don’t have one bad thing to say about it. For those of you concerned about the MDI Manager and the error message, I did a little research and found that was normal. VXDIAG apparently had to hack MDI Manager to get the chipset to work, and register the serial number with Tech2Win (or GDS2). You will not get the normal MDI Manager interface, nor will the Nano work without the little hack file that gets loaded during installation. I had Tech2Win running native on a cheapie Win7 64-bit pc without issue.
I know people have had problems with 64-bit systems…..but Tech2Win shouldn’t give a problem, especially if run in compatibility mode.
I logged in AC Delco EU TDS website and it downloaded the latest software ‘Techline’ – this saying it needed win10 pro! I did research again and was told just install vx manager passthru and Techline program on a spare Win10 laptop. I did it and it found my C6 Corvette details when I typed in the vin and after a couple of ‘next’ clicks was offering me the option to click the update to remove the steering column lock.

Hooked it up, asked it to pull the vin from the car – which it did – proving a connection so went for it! Steering lock software removed forever yay!!

The VCX Nano GM was $119 and VIN subscription for $40, happy days.

A couple things from my experience:
  • When using GDS2, you have to use MDI2 as the interface (not VXDIAG).
  • When using SPS, select VXDIAG as the J-2534 passthru device. Run IE as Administrator to browse acdelcotds.com. Install only the J-2534 wrapper component when prompted (don’t want to overwrite vxdiag’s MDI software).
  • Even if you’re only using Tech2Win, you probably have to use the MDI setup from their GDS2 package.