VXDIAG Benz Xentry Diagnosis VCI too New Solution

Here comes the problem:

I am using the 2021.06 xentry version HDD with vxdiag vcx se benz doip scanner. It was working fine until I got the vx manager (1.8.7) and vci firmware (1.9.10) updated to the latest version.


Initialization of the Multiplexer has failed

The firmware version of the Xentry Diagnosis VCI being used is too new.

Vxdiag Xentry Firmware Vci Too New

Vxdiagshop.com solution:

Xentry VCI version is too new and is not compatible with 2021.06 xentry version.

Check your Xentry version (here is 06/2021)

Vxdiag Xentry Firmware Vci Too New 3

Run Xentry VCI Recovery tool on the desktop

Select corresponding VCI version and update

Download Vxdiag Xentry Vci Firmware