Can I Transfer Car Software License to Other VXDIAG Devices?

As titled, we have customer consulting is it possible to transfer car software license to a new vxdiag device?

Yes, you can transfer license between vcx plus (the big device) and vcx se series except for vcx nano. Because vcx nano is a single brand scanner.

Vxdiag Transfer License

You can transfer vcx plus license to a vcx se device. vice versa.


Why/When need to transfer license?

  • If your old vcx is damaged, just get a brand new vcx, then transfer your license to the new vci.

For example, if you get the vcx plus for Subaru, the hardware is damaged, you can buy a vcx se/vcx plus unit, transfer Subaru license to the new device, download Subaru software for free. Now you will have a new Subaru scanner.

Brand New VCX SE Hardware Only (USB, WiFi, Type C, LAN connection)

  • If you need more than one device at the same time or prefer the smaller vcx se, you can transfer the license.

For example, you get the vxdiag vcx plus Honda, JLR and Toyota 3 in 1 device,  you can transfer JLR license to a new vcx and download SDD for free. Now you have a new JLR scanner.


What is required to transfer license?

Provide the serial number of both devices to us. We will have your license transferred.



VXDIAG allows one-way transfer only.

After transferring software license to a new vcx,  you can not transfer that license to the old device again.