VXDIAG VCX NANO JLR SDD V160 Newbie Setup Review

Here is the customer working experience of vxdiag vcx nano for jlr with the help of vxdiagshop.com customer service.



15:30 Aug. 7th, 2021

Question: Hello, I recently purchased your VXDAIG VCX NANO for the Land Rover V160. I don’t have a CD player is there a way to get the SDD software working without installing from your CD. Thank you in advance.

Vxdiag Jlr Sdd V160 Setup 0




16:26 Aug. 7th, 2021

Question: when I connect to VX Manager it says I need to update my license, when I try to do it I get this message

Vxdiag Jlr Sdd V160 Setup 1


For this problem, need to update firmware and license more times.
when you do firmware update, need to turn the VCI update status to ON.



16:27 Aug. 7th, 2021

Question: Thank you that worked.  Should land rover Sdd automatically detect the obd reader?

Answer: Need to install jlr sdd driver from “diagnostic” menu, to match the vxdiag vcx nano jlr to sdd software.



16:31 Aug. 7th, 2021

I installed SDD from links that you send to earlier and install the right driver. That worked. Thank you for your help.

Vxdiag Jlr Sdd V160 Setup 2