VXDIAG Nano TIS Program New Credit Card key for 2018 Lexus LX

Have 2018 Lexus LX to program a new credit card key, VXDIAG VCX Nano for Toyota works great as I and others have confirmed, it comes with a hacked copy of techstream. Programs keys, tpms, etc. no problem….



Access to the TIS (online service manual) is required:

Vxdiag Nano Tis Program Key 02


To program keys that the Standard subscription won’t work and that the “Professional“ version is required. The cost for a 2 day access to find out isn’t all that much. I’ll likely try to program other things too while I’m at it.


By the way, with a Professional subscription, there’s access to something that sounded interesting when I checked it out last night. Here’s a quote from the same page the table above came from. “ Professional Subscribers receive complimentary access to Identifix Direct-Hit for Toyota “ Sound like some kind of knowledge base where professional mechanic, whatever that means, share repair and troubleshooting info/stories. Not knocking the help great members here share when someone is looking for answers, but methinks this Identifix thing might be helpful.


Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 10 are all okay.


Windows 10: most preferred. 

Review 1.

I run Techstream on a Microsoft Surface tablet and 64-bit Win 10 operating system.

And to be clear, the TIS referenced length of subscriptions is access to the online factory service manual. It does not come with Techstream or the OBDII to computer cable.


Review 2.

I run it on windows 10 on a bootcamp
partition and in a Parallels virtual machine on a MacBook.


Question: What happens to Techstream Lite once the first year is up? Need to renew every year or do you ”own” it after the initial purchase?


Answer: It has to be renewed. That is the big advantage of the “alternate” method. They seem to have broken the time limit. The advantage of the “official” method is that it is supposed to run faster.

One more caveat not germane to 2021 or earlier Toyota/Lexus products. Toyota says that future models will not run using the existing computer cables – their product up until (?? Date), or the existing aftermarket versions. My sources imply the future version of Techstream cable connection (in the USA) is being outsourced exclusively through Snap-On Tools (Usually means $$$$). Probably something to do with the new EV models coming out.


VX Manager ” 60 days left” Solution

VX Manager says that the upgrade was successful (60 days left), Techstream still shows that the subscription is expired.


Solution: Sounds like the patch is not getting installed correctly. Try installing the patch with antivirus off. Then open the patch executable file also w antivirus off.
The patch hacks the techstream to have no expiration.



I was fortunate that the original installation went very smoothly, based on what I was able to find online. Not everything online was helpful, however, and “solutions“ to “expired“ s/w didn’t take into account my situation, namely how this is supposed to work (how to start Techstream).


I finally realized that I need to run Toyota Launcher instead of simply starting Techstream.



Best source of VXDIAG VCX Nano for Toyota: