Set up VXDIAG GM & Techline Connect on Lenovo T510 Win10

Here is the user working experience on installing vxdiag vcx nano gm and techline connect on Windows 10 64bit system.


“Took a step back and bought a VXdiag module that worked with a laptop and I was cable to get it working.

Ii comes with GDS2, Tech2 Win Software. ACDelco has the software as a subscription

I used an old Lenovo T-510.
Installed windows 10 64 bit.
Installed java 8 32 bit.
Installed VCX Manager.
Installed Techline Connect directly from AC Delco TDS website launcher.
Can program in vehicle or via bench harness.

Using the VCX Nano as a J2534 pass-thru for Delco TDS/SPS works quite well.

I have used it to “update” the various existing modules in my truck using the laptop.┬áIt finished all the modules without error.
No VMWare.”

Vxdiag Sps Lenovo T510 1

Vxdiag Sps Lenovo T510 2

Vxdiag Sps Lenovo T510 3