VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2 Review on Chevrolet Cobalt

For any one looking for an awesome Chevrolet Cobalt obdii code scanner that not only reads normal ECM codes (P codes) but also B, C and U codes, I highly recommend the VXDiag vcx nano gm that you can find on vxdiag official seller. It’s like a virtual Tech2! I recently had a Service ESC light on and instead of a $125+ dealer visit to read the code, I spent less than that on this tool instead.

It’s a module that plugs into your OBD2 port then has a USB connection to a laptop. They seller provides software and you use Tech2Win (software-based Tech2) to communicate through the module to your various systems. Worked well for what I needed – I was able to read my C0460 5A code and determine that my steering angle sensor was on the fritz. Reviews state it only works with 32-bit WinXP (lol) or Win 7, but it worked perfectly on my Win10 64-bit install on my MacBook Air (boot camp).


I also want to add that any programming related task like Radio relearn, crank relearn, Stage 1/2 flashing etc required a subscription to https://www.acdelcotds.com/subscriptions# which lets you purchase a 2 year $40 subscription to be able to utilize the programming capabilities.

In summary, it’s a dirt cheap virtual Tech2 to scan and do anything a dealer can do, I highly recommend it.

Pics shown below.
Vxdiag Gm Gds Coblt 1
vxdiag vcx nano gm and USB wire
Vxdiag Gm Gds Coblt 2
Software that gets installed to use it
Vxdiag Gm Gds Cobot 3
Once installed it shows up as a COM Port and a USB Serial Converter