Does VXDIAG VCX NANO GM support Saab 9-3 9-5?

I recently bought a 08 saab 93. My goals are add a spare key, program a headunit and onstar for Bluetooth. So I use to have a Saturn ion redline. I was able to program my headunit with VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM. So with Saab i’m not lucky. While installing software and drivers for VXDIAG VCX, I found J2534 tool in my temp folder.
The general thinking as to why it is not working is the inability to correctly communicate over the GMLAN (CAN bus) which is on pin 1 of the OBD2 connector.


The VCX Nano does have all the proper pins and all the correct internal hardware to potentially work correctly. The issue appears to be software and drivers. The Mongoose software settings allows you to pick what bus you want to communicate over. The VCX has no similar settings. The VCX has had some success in SPS mode with the 9-3 via GlobalTIS iirc but that is not of much help really.
The vxdiag engineer failed to work on Saabs with tech2win either.


Customer feedback:
Saab 9-3:
Well at this point the VCX Nano is not working with the Saab 9-3.


Saab 9-5:
Some tested ok, majority failed.
User 1: 
I have VCX Nano GM about week. I`m using 9.250 bin. My Tech2WIN is working with Win 7 64 bit.
I have only updated firmware after first run. It`s (vcx.bin). VCXSDK is
I can do in my 9-5 2006:
– turn ON SID2 (trip computer, alarm, speed warning etc): function: again SID programming in 6 steps. This was the main reason why I bought VCX! :)
– after that I locked my radio. Two days later I found out that I need to put VIN in SID. Radio started to work again during this VIN installation. I was sooo happy after radio turned on :)
– read all DTC and delete them
– configure/activate/change options in DICE, AC, SID,ECU…
– read all parameters, signals, read Trionic, start adaptations in AT, check fans etc..I can not:
– read ABS (need to check again!)
– marry radio
– proper finish SID programming with “OK” message. I need to turn off Tech2WIN after interface stop flashing with blue led.

User 2:
9-5 2002 Saab Tech2Win works after first connecting.
I married CD changer and did many other things, including integration with SPS, Globaltis and WIS!
I also connect my Saab through the Global TIS Security Access.
To diagnose Saab, better use GM Tech2 or Mangoose pro for gm.
Don’t try to modify VCX NANO hardware. You are at your risk.