VXDIAG VCX FD vs Autel vs Launch vs Cardiaq3 J2354

Are you looking for a J2534 device that support both CAN FD and DoIP protocols?

VXDIAG VCX FD (VCX CAN FD), Autel Maxiflash (new VCI, JVCI+, Xlink etc), Launch smartlink and Cardiag Plus 3 all these J2534 devices support CAN FD and DoIP protocol. Which one is better?

Vxdiag Vcx Fd Vs Autel Vs Launch Vs Cardiaq3


VXDIAG VCX FD is the cheapest option among these. Hardware without license takes $169 only.

Autel, Launch and Cardiag+ 3 are expensive ($1,500+)




VCX FD not only emulates software for BMW, Benz, VAG, Porsche, JLR, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, PSA, Renault, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, GM, Volvo but also used as J2534 passthru device for 3rd party software (pcmflash, bitbox etc) and OEM software for online programming (need subscription).

Autel MaxiFlash VCI and Launch Smartlink should work with their own tablets to perform universal diagnosis/coding functions. The VCI can also be used as J2534 passthru for OE programming. These VCIs usually come with a tablet device and are not for sale separately.

Cardiag+ 3 only works as J2534 passthru device, it cannot emulate OEM software.




All these VCI firmware allow online updates.




VCX FD connects via USB, WiFi, WLAN and DoNET (remote diagnosis).

Autel and Launch X431 VCIs also connect via USB,  WIFI/Bluetooth/Ethernet

Cardiaq+ 3 supports USB connection, Bluetooth version also available.




You can add multi brand license to VXDIAG VCX CAN FD.

Autel and Launch does have license, their scanners covers all major brands. Update is expensive.

Cardiaq+ 3 does not have license.



VXDIAG VCX FD is the cheapest and effective J2534 devices for starters.