VXDIAG VCX FD Failed to Update VCI Firmware Solution


Trying to update VXDIAG VCX CAN FD firmware in vx manager but failed, error Updating VCI firmware failed. Any solution?
VXDIAG VCX FD Update Firmware Failed


Make sure you have OBD 12V supply to the VCX FD unit.

Change network and try again.


Please use the latest VX Manager for online firmware updates (firmware update procedure is similar to vcx se).
If online updates are not possible, your network cannot access our server to update firmware online,  Please use VCX-FD offline update tool to update firmware.

NOTE: The offline update tool is for VCX FD only. Disable anti-virus program before downloading offline update tool.


If all fails, contact www.vxdiagshop.com to check via Teamviewer.



VCX FD Current Firmware Version:

2024.04.24 —- V2.3.1.1

  • Optimization: Optimize the CAN message sending frame interval delay when waiting for the sending to complete
  • Optimization: Optimize the ISO15765 stmin sending continuous frame interval time processing
  • Correction: Correct ISO15765 timer timing message and other messages are independent and do not affect each other
  • Correction: Modify ISO15765 p2max default time 10ms
  • Correction: All protocol filters are enabled by default (no messages are received when no filter is configured)
  • Optimization: Bottom-level optimization: shell (user permissions)