What’s the difference between VXDIAG Porsche PT3G PIWIS III and VNCI PT3G diagnostic tool?


Check the table comparison below:

Porsche Tester VXDIAG PT3G

Vcx Se Topview


Vnci Pt3g

Custom VAS6154A


Driver VX Manager and PT3G driver VNCI driver Driver for VAS6154 PIWIS3
CAN FD/DoIP protocol DoIP yes, No CAN FD Yes No
Compatible with multi-version PIWIS Yes Yes Patch required
KW71 protocol 1995MY previous vehicles No Yes No
Vehicle Coverage 2005-2022 1996-2023 2005-2022
Software version V38.250+ V41.600 dual system V40+v42 dual system
Software update Update by SSD Update by U disk
Firmware update Update online Update online
Compatible with original PIWIS driver No Yes No
Compatible with original software Yes Yes Yes
Works as J2534 passthru device Yes No Yes
Read/clear error code Yes Yes Yes
Component test Yes Yes Yes
Read  data stream Yes Yes Yes
Boot Fault Finding (GFF) Yes Yes Yes
Enquiry Catalogue Parts Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance/repair function Yes Yes Yes
Logging Yes Yes Yes
Wiring diagram application Yes Yes Yes
ECU Coding Yes Yes Yes
ECU Programming Yes, need online account No unknown
Engineering Mode Yes No unknown
Connection USB, WiFi and LAN USB only USB, WiFi
License Porsche license, able to add more car brands to the device Porsche license only.

In sum:

VNCI is compatible with original driver and works on older Porsche. It supports USB connection only. It will do full system diagnostics and coding, but cannot do online programming and special functions through engineer mode. It cannot be used as Passthru device. Don’t support VCI setting.

VXDIAG PT3G is better on 2005 onwards Porsche models. Supports USB, WiFi and WLAN connection. Can be used as j2534 passthru device. It has online programming (with online account) and coding capabilities. It enables users to perform various programming tasks, such as ECU coding, key programming, and module adaptation.

Both devices firmware can be updated online, software update by SSD/U disk.