2022 GMC Sierra 2500 THEFT LOCKED SPS2 Solution


I have a 2022 GMC Sierra 2500.

I replaced the radio with used one from ebay. It displayed THEFT LOCKED.



I have the dealer software SPS2 and vxdiag vcx nano gm scanner. So I went to program it with that. It asked to insted USB drive into PC which I did.

It then transferred all the new software to the USB drive. It then said its safe to remove and programming completed.

Now the headached, I cannot get it to do anything when I insert into with of the 2 USB drives under the climate control. Just display theft locked and does not load any software.



I removed the theft lock using Techline Connect diagnostics. Just need to know how to updated the sofwtare now, its already on the USB drive but does nothing when I plug it into vehicle

2nd update, I cleaned the usb connector at back of the interface and it detected the drive immediately, It detected the software update and took 30 minutes to install.



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