VXDIAG PIWIS III, Autel, iCarsoft or Xtool for Porsche 2018+ Newer Cars?

What is a the preferred OBD2 scanner and service reset tool for 2018 Panamera 4 and newer cars?

Here is the clue:

iCarSoft Pro 2.0: $270. It is not compatible with (model 971) of newer Panamera, it works fine with older Panamera models (model 970) up to 2017.

No coding capabilities, but does a fine job at reading and erasing MIL codes, diagnostic information, and oil change interval resets.


Durametric: it does not support any Porsche past 2015.


Autel MX808: is not compatible with new Panamera


Autel MP808:  unfortunately the car was not supported by this scanner. The funny thing that, the unit shows Porsche car model and was able to read the car VIN. There was only two items to choose from “odomoter support” and “Oil rest”, both items did not work and not able to do any thing with this scanner. It has many more function and items for other cars but not meant for Panamera or even Porsche. In addition, the unit will need an annual subscription for $350, for updates and only the first year is free once you register it.


Xtool D7/D8: The D8 picked up the vin automatically but identified the car wrong. Also pulled in some incorrect failures. The xtool support put me in touch with engineering and they released a patch right away to fix the incorrect model identifier but tool doesn’t support service reset needs and still some bugs reading all modules


VXDIAG Porsche MultiDiag: 

The best software of diagnosis definitely is PIWIS. But does cost some coin.

Solution is Piwis 3, which is now available for less.

It will be a little difficult for newbies.
If you need full system diagnosis and want to play coding, this is the better choice.

PIWIS iii works fine with both new and old Porsche models from 2005 to 2022/2023.

Paramera (971) 2018-
Caynenne (92A) 2018-
Macan (95B) 2018-
911 (991) 2018-
and other old models

Vxdiag Vcx Se 6154 Porsche 1