Program GM Tahoe Driver Door Module by VXDIAG & SPS2

I had major success while using VXDIAG VCX NANO GM, SPS2 and Techline Connect to program my driver door module. Here is what I learned.

Guide I followed:

Set up VXDIAG VCX NANO GM with Techline Connect (VMware Solution)

My particular scenario: Use a VM on my work laptop because my home desktop is everything that is not approved: Fedora 36, Ryzen 7 5000 series, and not portable. The work laptop has a strict security policy, but VMs are approved and there is no security policy for them.

What didn’t work:

1) VirtualBox. All sorts of weird errors such as unable to authenticate TDS. I spent 3 hours on this before giving up and moving to VMWare Player.

2) Windows Host: could not download a Windows ISO while already using Windows and can’t execute the media creation tool due to the work laptop security policy mentioned above.

What did work:

1) USB passthrough to guest OSes on either VM. Easier to set up in VMWare though. May be useful in the future because I have weird graphics issues with VMWare. (white distorted blocks)

2) VX Manager 1.8.9. I think it is the newest version.

3) Launching from Edge browser.

4) Not installing software in any particular order.

5) Only needing VX Manager and Techline Connect.

Actual process took maybe an hour from start-to-finish, including the Windows 10 Pro install.
The driver door module was programmed in under 5 minutes and resolved all of my weird issues.