DIY How to Install VXDIAG GM Tech2Win on Win10 32bit

It is always recommended to install vxdiag vcx nano gm tech2win software on Windows 7 32bit operating system.  But if some only have Win10 laptop?


You cannot use a 64bit OS system it has to be a 32bit device. The newer units are 32bit and can’t run from a Vm image that is 32bit OS.

People already figured out how to fix that problem.


Set up Tech2win on Win10 32bit:

Load VX manager first, plug in the Nano, and get it working in VX manager. Hence click on firmware icon to update the firmware, then click on licence icon to install the licenses.

Now with the VX manager open and the nano plugged in, now load that auto install.exe of Tech2win to load it to your machine. Hence the autoinstall.exe will need to over ride some VX manager files when it installs, so VX manager has to be open with the Nano connected/being seen in VX manager when you load tech2win auto install. Installing tech2win, with VX manager not open and the nano not plugged into the machine will end up with install problems every time with Win 64bit system.

Lastly, if you are loading in the Newer VX manager, you have to go in and install the needed programs from inside VX manager (no long load into VX manger from the white disc). So Tech2, GDS2 and SPS have to be installed from within VX manager. If you check in VX manager and these are loaded already, uninstall and reload them from VX manager again if you are having problems. When you have done these three reloads, go back in the licence tab in VX manager and make sure you are showing licences for all three of these. If not, then go back to the main page and click on the licence ion to update the licences on the refreshed installed. I bring this up, since if you are using the last right hand top tab in VX manager to download the lastest VX manager, you will have to install Tech2win/gds2/SPS from within VX manager (will still use the white disc to install Tech2win to the laptop to get the desktop icon.

Now the glitch with AC Delco TBS.
If you are using the older VX manager and older firmware on the Nano, when you get the screen to install the BoschTech2 win driver and GDS2 in TBS (will be a pop up screen), you want to skip these installs each time you use TBS.

If you are using the latest VX manager and latest Nano firmware, then you want to install these two Bosch drivers from TBS instead.

Trust is, for TBS now, you want to be using the lastest VX manager and firmware. When you load the two Bosch drivers, it going to load another program that is needed to get the Nano to work (TBS changed about a year ago, and its this third driver that loads with the Bosch drivers that is needed to get the VXDIAG VCX Nano GM to work with the system.



2023 Updated:

Install VX manager, then go click on the VX manager license and firmware icons to install/update them so the Nano is showing up in VX manger and working.

Next, Install Tech2win using the auto.exe install with VX manager open and the VX nano attached to the machine, and watch for defenders to block something during the installs. If defenders blocks, the go into defender to allow the needed file to run, then go back and re run autoinstall again for tech2win..

Now go into VX manger, click on the top diagnostic tab, automative tab left hand side, and install Passthru, GM gds2/tech2w one at time.
Note, if you update VX manager, after the update, liscence and firmware updates, go back and uninstall and reinstall these three again (don’t just use the update button).
Note, will get that a few items have already been installed during the above steps, so just click and allow the installs to continue as needed.

Now at this point, do a restart of the entire laptop, and should have your problems solved.

As for tech2win, delete the quick start tech2win on the desktop since your never going to use it, and once you click the normal tech2win icon, select North America in the first screen, MDI1 in the second screen, then usb device in the third screen. If you do not get the third screen USB device with the nano connected, it because when you first went to install Tech2win on the machine, VX manger was not open with the Nano connectors, so the auto install could over write a few files needed in VX manager to make the software work. So start from the above steps with VX manager open and the VX connected to the machine, and nana showing up in VX manager.

As for once you are into Tech2win , pretty straight forward for the most part, and the Vet is a Y body type.
For 2005 vet, use that year for all modules, while if you need to get to the BCM setting for a 2006 to 2013 Vet, use the 2013 year alone (the rest of the modules you can just use the car actual year isntead).