VXDIAG VCX NANO 2014 GMC Sierra ECM/TCM Programming Review

January 2023 new user review of vxdiag vcx nano for gm.

Worked great for GM SPS / Techline Connect programming.

This little device saved me a bundle. I had a job replacing a 6L80E transmission in a 2014 GMC Sierra. Instructions that came with the reman transmission stated the TCM/ECM needed to be updated together with most recent calibration and suggested towing the vehicle to the dealer. A tow plus dealer programming charge would have been several hundred at the very least. No thanks. Did a bit of research and a lot of folks recommended this little jewel.

It was very easy– install VX Manager, and choose the “J2534 Pass-thru driver” only. For SPS programming, you don’t want all the other stuff. No viruses were detected when installing just that feature. I used a Windows 11 Pro 64 bit desktop computer. After VX Manager is installed, it will show you the device status, and you can update the VCX Nano firmware if you wish.

Once GM Techline Connect was installed, it recognized the VCX Nano right away and it was one of the module options when I got into the SPS programming. Paid GM $45 plus tax for the 2-year VIN subscription, and away it went. Updated the ECM/TCM like I was supposed to and all other modules that had fixes/updates. It performed flawlessly and truck / new transmission works great.

I can’t comment on the GDS2 / Tech2 functionality of this unit, as I have an expensive scanner that does everything but J2534 Pass-thru. I might play with it someday, but I bought this purely for SPS programming and it was easy. It was also my first time using GM SPS/techline or programming a GM module if that says anything.