2013 Chevy Tahoe PCM Programming with VXDIAG GM on Bench

Chevrolet Tahoe PCM programming with vxdiag vcx nano for gm and Techline connect.

I have vxdiag vx manager downloaded and passthru driver installed. Firmware and license are up to date.

I used an old Lenovo T-510.
Installed windows 10 64 bit.
Installed java 8 32 bit.
Installed VX Manager.
Installed Techline Connect directly from AC Delco TDS website launcher.
Can program 2013 Chevy Tahoe in vehicle or via bench harness.
No VMWare method.

Vxdiag Techline Connect Win10 1

Vxdiag Techline Connect Win10 2

Vxdiag Techline Connect Win10 3