VXDIAG VCX SE Series Review and Comparison: VCX SE BMW vs. VCX SE JLR vs. VCX SE Benz

Looking to buy a scan tool for your vehicle? The VXDIAG VCX SE Series line of scanners offers fantastic tools. Whether you want to check your Benz’s system ECU or a Jaguar’s fuel consumption, these tools can save you time and money.

A VCX SE scan tool is a PC-to-vehicle interface. The scanner plugs into a vehicle’s OBD2 port and connects to a PC. All the devices represented here can connect via a USB cable or over WIFI. When you establish a connection, the scanner can run various diagnostic functions.

Let’s delve deeper into this review and compare three of the most popular VXDIAG VCX SE scanners.

Vxdiag Vcx Nano Series

  1. Overview

VCX SE for BMW, VCX SE JLR, and VCX SE for Benz scanners are designed for vehicles that need exclusive software and hardware requirements. These scanners support DOIP (Diagnostic over Internet protocol). Apart from Wi-Fi and USB connection, you can also use a DONET connection with any of the three gadgets.

These scanners can perform local diagnosis, and super remote diagnosis. For super remote diagnosis, they need equipment networking to enable online diagnosis.

The most important aspect of these dongles is depending on the serial number, they can work with just specific vehicles. For example, the VCX SE JLR with serial number S94JL**** and VCX SE BMW with serial number S94BMW*** only support JLR and BMW brands. You cannot add another brand’s license.

However, with serial number V94SE****, VCX SE JLR and VCX SE BMW scanners can be added with other licenses. Especially, the VCX SE Benz DOIP works with Benz, but you can also add other brands licenses. It can work with BMW, Ford, GM, Mazda, Toyota, Jaguar, VW ODIS, Volvo, Subaru, and Porsche.

Vxdiag Donet Remote Diagnosis

  1. VCX SE for BMW Vs. VCX SE JLR Vs. VCX SE for Benz: Review and Comparison:
  2. Comparison Chart
  VCX SE for BMW

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw


Vcx Se Jlr

VCX SE for Benz

Vcx Se Benz

OBD2 Diagnostics Full Full Full
System Diagnostics All systems All systems All systems
Advanced Service Functions 32+ advanced service functions

TPMS reset

Sunroof initialization

Door and window calibration, etc.

10+ advanced service functions

Reset maintenance


28+ advanced service functions

Throttle learning

Oil reset

Steering angle calibration

ABS bleeding etc.

Coding/Programming ECU coding

Flash programming of the control unit,

ECU version upgrade/downgrade

Online/offline coding Online programming
Vehicle Coverage BMW, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce 2004-2021 Land Rover and Jaguar 2007 – 2021 Benz 2005-2021, BMW 2004-2021

VW/Audi 2001-2021

Ford, GM, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche, Subaru

Unlike VXDIAG VCX Nano devices, VCX SE series do not rely on diagnostic applications to carry out their functions. To learn more about the VCX Nano series, you can read this detailed review about Three best VCX Nano OBD2 scanners.


  1. Detailed Review & Comparison

2.1 VCX SE for BMW

The VCX SE for BMW is an easy-to-use scanner for diagnostics and programming. It can connect to its diagnostic application via a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection. The 16-pin diagnostic adapter inserts to the OBD port.

But before you do, you’ll want to set up its software. Now, this device supports ISTA-D 4.29, 4.30, ISTA-P 3.67.100, and HDD. It is practically the same device as the ICOM Next A2, A3 but much cheaper and smaller. Check : VCX SE vs. BMW ICOM next

  • OBD2 and System Diagnostics

VCX SE for BMW is a full-system diagnostic scanner. It can read and clear both generic and manufacturer-specific codes. From the engine to the transmission, airbag, anti-lock brake system, emission system, wiper system, and 20+ modules on the BMW.

VCX SE for BMW allows you to view the definition of each code. This way, you can determine whether or not the car needs complex repairs, or you can perform the repairs at home.

VCX SE for BMW can transmit live data for all modules. Again, it’s perfect if you want to know which component needs changing.

  • Advanced Service Functions

This tool also supports advanced functions for BMW. It can perform resets, actuation tests, and utility testing. On sports cars, it can activate the gearbox for speeding up. It can perform EPB reset, TPMS reset, ABS bleeding, sunroof reset, language change, etc.

In total, VCX SE for BMW supports 32+ service resets and advanced functions.

  • Coding/Programming

VCX SE for BMW’s main function is coding and programming for all BMW E/F/G series. It is also good at fiber programming. The scanner can do flash programming of the control unit, ECU version upgrade/downgrade, and even import vehicle FSC activation code.

  • Vehicle Coverage

VCX SE for BMW is programmed to support all BMWs, including Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper, from 2004-2021. Its software supports all BMW programs. You have the option of choosing the software version of your vehicle.

As for protocols, this gadget is compatible with SAE J2534 and ISO 22900.

Vcx Se Bmw Feature


VCX SE JLR scanner is dedicated to diagnostic and programming by car owners and professional auto mechanics. This device is compatible with original SDD and Pathfinder software. It also supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, and many others.

For those looking for a detailed diagnostics tool for JLR models, this model is for you.

  • OBD2 and System Diagnostics

VCX SE JLR can read and clear fault codes from all systems.

This scanner can read live data from OBDII. It offers fast and accurate readings to help check the vehicle’s engine conditions. It also comes in handy to highlight any underlying issues. It can relay engine sensors such as engine RPM, fuel trim readings, throttle position, and many others.

  • Advanced Service Functions

VCX SE JLR supports limited advanced service functions. It’s best for reset maintenance of different modules after repair. These include oil reset, tire reset, TPMS reset, injector coding, and test parts function.

  • Coding/Programming

VCX SE JLR can program new car keys, a new module, and change a car’s configuration CCF. Most users cite it as perfect for online/offline coding (calibration files required), editing CCF, programming modules, and calibrating gearbox adaptations in Jaguar models.

  • Vehicle Coverage

VCX SE JLR is for Land Rover 2007-2021 and Jaguar 2007-2021. It supports SDD JLR models from 2007-2016 and Pathfinder JLR models from 2017 to newer.

Like it other counterparts, VCX SE JLR supports SAE J2534 and ISO 22900 PDU protocols.

Vcx Se Jlr Software 1

Vcx Se Jlr Software 3

2.3 VCX SE for Benz Review

VCX SE for Benz is a professional-grade scanner. The device can access all Mercedes Benz modules and perform various diagnostics.

  • OBD2 and System Diagnostics

As we’ve indicated, this scanner can read codes from all systems, not just OBD2 components. It’s ideal if you have a Check Engine Light. It will give you trouble codes and live data for the engine, battery, lights, airbag, ABS, emission system, fuel system, wiper system, and all other modules on Mercedes Benz.

Not only that, it can clear the CEL.

It’s best to buy VCX SE Benz DoIP with HDD of Benz software. This way, you don’t have to go through the complicated process of downloading the software online.

Vcx Se Benz Feature 1

  • Advanced Service Functions

VCX SE for Benz is ideal for various scheduled services and maintenance. You can perform oil reset, ABS bleeding, tire pressure monitor system reset, APB reset, gear learning, injector coding, DPF regeneration, gearbox matching, and many others. You can look forward to 28+ special functions.

  • Coding/Programming

For Benz, you’ll be able to perform online programming and coding with VCX SE. It needs a laptop and an online account. You also must have certification to access it. If not, you will need a DTS Monaco software engineer to do the coding and programming.

Vcx Se Benz Feature 3

  • Vehicle Coverage

VCX SE for Benz can be bought with Benz only software, or you can buy full system software with 2TB HDD to cover all VXDIAG cars. When you go for the complete system, the device will work with Benz, BMW, GM, Ford/Mazda, Honda, Toyota, VW ODIS, Subaru, Volvo, Porsche, VW, and Land Rover/Jaguar. It is worth noting that for VW/Audi Ford, GM, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche, Subaru, it can be done via DoNET connection or buying Authorization License. There are two options available here, either using VCX SE SN to activate DoNET for above brands for free or paying license for each brands.

Its protocol support is SAE J2534 (ECU programming vehicle diagnosis) and ISO 22900 (MVCI with D-PDU API)

  • Which Suits You?

VXDIAG VCX SE Series are scanners for professional auto mechanics, car owners, and car enthusiasts. The VCX SE for BMW and VCX SE JLR fit car owners and DIYers who know a thing or two about repair and maintenance.  Depending on the serial number, they support specific vehicle models or can be added with another vehicle license.

However, if you have an auto repair shop or have an auto refitting studio, it’s best to go with the VCX SE for Benz. It has the option of buying full system software. This opens up the opportunity to deal with many other brands. As such, it’s also perfect for auto programming engineers and auto refitting enthusiasts.

          Final Thoughts

Have you identified the best scanner from the VXDIAG VCX SE Series? We hope you find this review helpful before investing in a diagnostics tool. Remember that there are specific requirements for each tool. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight, sturdy scanner tool for Jaguar or Land Rover, it has to be the VCX SE JLR.

For those who want a gadget that can do it all, grab the VCX SE for Benz. It can perform dozens of special service functions as well as online programming.

And if you’re a BMW enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with the VCX SE for BMW. It can perform over 40 customizations which make it great for tweaking your vehicle.

Don’t wait! Save time and money by choosing the best VXDIAG SE Series scanner.


Credit to the contributor of this article Tim Miller from www.obdadvisor.com.


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