Can I use VXDIAG VCX NANO for MB Passthru?



I got the vxdiag vcx nano for gm with GDS2 and Tech2win software. When I tried it on Mercedes Benz passthru, I got en error “Error License For Function: BENZ”.

Can this be fixed and can i buy a MB license for vcx nano?




The vcx nano for GM has the j2534 protocol only for GM cars.  Nano has licenses for GM, Ford, Mazda, JLR, VAG, Volvo, Toyota only. If you will try to use it with another j2534 compatible app like xentry it will not work. You need a vcx se or vxdiag c6 with a MB license and a j2534 protocol open for MB.

But some genius guys tested it ok.

Something interesting here for sharing purpose only.

They downgrade the vx manager to v1.3.

To achieve this, you need,
1) to use VX Manager 1.3 and not 1.6 .2 or 1.8.x)  Downgrade the firmware (to 1.6  from 1.8) once you install the VX Manager 1.3.  Change your system clock to the year 2020 when connecting Xentry.

2) While installing drivers, ensure to install GM (if the nano is for GM version) and passthru only.

3)Do not install/tick Benz software.
That way, you will be able to use it.

4) Select VXDiag as the passthu device. Else ensure to edit slave.ini file accordingly.

5). A file named VCX.dll (saved under C\Windows) which is the main communication protocol file keeps on getting quarantined by Windows Defender. You have to whitelist the same.

They said VCX Nano and Xentry passthru can do almost 98% of all diagnostics. It also connects through Monaco (smr-d files) and Vediamo (cbf files).

We don’t suggest downgrading vx manager which usually cause failure. It always asks to update vx manager to latest firmware otherwise will report renew license error message. does not hold the reasonability of damage if you try DIY above.