Subaru Outback OBXT 2009 VDC off Issue Solved by VXDIAG SSM3


My 2009 OBXT VDC off light is staying on after finishing up a full LGT suspension/subframe/transmission swap. The first time I started it the light was not on, but everytime after that it has stayed on. I have bled the brake twice due to some sediment that was coming out of the system.

I might try to scan it will the FreeSSM or SSM3 scan tool  on a laptop or tablet.



I was pretty sure I centered the rack as I counted lock to lock and then found the rough center before putting the steering shaft back on and the tie rod ends. BUT maybe I did not get it perfect.

My steering angle sensor is out of calibration. I noticed that the clock spring sounds like it is clicking when I turn the wheel sometimes, My steering wheel might have gotten turned while we were trying to attach it to the steering rack. Thus what it thinks is centered is no longer center.


I ordered a subaru SSMIII compatible device that is in the mail and I will try to calibrate it etc myself. As I also have an airbag fault that will not go away. I tend to like to do things myself rather than pay a dealership.

I ordered an interface that is compatible with my car and the Subaru SSM3.

That is the one I bought, had it shipped from the US. It should be here Saturday hopefully. I just need to get Windows 7 running on an old laptop. I guess SSM3 does not play nice with Windows 10 or something weird.


Why VXDIAG not other devices?

The VXDiag is an emulator box that allows communication from the car to the SSM3 software.

The Tactrix cable has the right chip but from what I can find on the tactrix cable it is not programmed to send data to the ecu correctly. (I did a bunch of googling on this and found a few people tried with no luck) I did not try the tactrix cable however…. but the SSM3 software is listed on that link on the first page. If you have the cable you could give it a try. I ended up using a Windows 10 laptop and it all seems to be working now… I think. but I will only be using that device for the VXDiag stuff and some PDFs on my car and the program.

For the calibration I had to refer to the FSM ala Vacation pics pdf. And I managed to find an old pdf for the ssm3 software that explains some of the methods the FSM asks you to complete. Sadly it did not say how off it was, but there is a section in the FSM that talks about aligning the steering angle sensor. There is a little sight hole on the back and the hash mark on the wheel inside has to line up with the secondary wheel on the inside. I explained that horribly so sorry, but if you look in the FSM it will make a little more sense. The clockspring has the alignment steps printed on it actually. I did not realize that until I was installing my bran-used one last week.

Now I have to figure out how to get cruise control and the menu buttons working with an aftermarket steering wheel…. why do I do these things to myself lol.

I tried using FreeSSM with the vcds cable and the Tactrix cable and it did not do anything for me. I had to use the SSM3 with that box I bought.




I found part of my issue was the steering angle sensor not being lined up correctly with the marks on the inside of the sight hole and the clockspring was actually broken.

VXDiag Subaru SSM3 worked! I had to use another laptop and I guess that will be the designated SSM3 laptop cause I had to disable all the anti virus and everything cause it is not an official version of SSM3 I guess?

But either way I solved my issue. Aligning the angle sensor, replacing the clock spring and calibrating the VDC system did it. Now to figure out what else I can do with SSM3.

It looks like I might be able to turn off the pesky TPMS light and maybe the Seatbelt warning? Keep updating.


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